“I view the past as a perfectly necessary and purposeful experience for us to learn, heal, and evolve. Each person has the opportunity to change their story and become who they choose to be.”


Wayne Daniels
Founder of EvolMotion

Chi Gong

An ancient Chinese health care practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques & focused intention. It creates an awareness of & influences dimensions of our being that are not part of traditional exercise programs.

Life Coaching

Coaching is essential for discovering, understanding & embodying life lessons. Healing traumatic past experiences & aligning with personal desires & goals are some of the aspects of mind building we tap into.

Corrective Exercise

EvolMotion provides an individualized corrective exercise program tailored to meet your physical challenges. This combines orthopedic rehabilitation and strength & conditioning pertaining to the client’s needs and desires.

Optimal Nutrition

There are many aspects to eating a balanced diet such as choosing organic, whole and natural food and omitting pasteurized, processed, gmo’s and inhumanely raised animals. Eating optimally certainly isn’t something that can be mastered overnight, rather it’s learned over time.


I’m so grateful to have been connected to this staff and have had the opportunity to work with them. Wayne is an incredible healer and trainer. His holistic approach to your personal journey and growth is truly the stuff of transformation, so long as you’re willing to put in the energy and create the space for change on your end.

Yassi S.

After working with Wayne I am now headache/pain free.
Wayne’s approach helped me understand that I needed a holistic apparoach of diet, rest, movement, and emotional well-being to truly heal, which I wasn’t getting from the several doctors I saw before. After working with Wayne I am now headache/pain free and have gained a body which is more functional at 35 than when I played football at 16.

Rhian H.

I would highly recommend EvolMotion!
The healing work and transformational therapies offered by both Patricia and Wayne are off the chart. They are both extremely knowledgable and they “walk their talk,” setting the example for all to follow. I would highly recommend EvolMotion to anyone who is looking to make positive change in their life.

Michelle N.

Patty and Wayne are living examples with practical mastery of authentic holistic living. Their services embrace your unique, individual body-mind needs, and are sure to facilitate the experience of “living your dreams!”

Paul Chek, Founder C.H.E.K Institute & PPS Success Mastery Program

The Man Behind EvolMotion

Wayne Daniels

Human Movement Specialist
Holistic Health Practitioner

Wayne Daniels came from Oxford, England to California in 2000 to begin a whole new life of health and healing. During that time he studied the philosophies and methodologies of internationally renowned Paul Chek of the Chek Institute, a recognized Holistic Health practitioner and neuromuscular therapist. Mr. Chek’s program combines the study of the relationship between food and lifestyle, which provides the necessary tools required for successful coaches to improve their clients’ overall health and wellness.

After 15 years of study and practice, Wayne has developed and integrated his own approach to whole-health healing. His most profound education derived from the 28 years of self abuse, chronic addictions and severe depression he experienced.

Wayne chose to rehabilitate back from an array of physical, mental and emotional issues from a life of uneducated choices. But in doing so, has learned many priceless lessons of healing, just so he can spend the rest of his life, passionately guiding and teaching others to overcome their health challenges and live a better life. He views the past as a perfectly necessary and purposeful experience for us to learn, heal, and evolve by overcoming the story we made ourselves for the opportunity to become who we truly choose to be.